Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Captains log 6-21-17 Griddle Steam Cover

Captains log 6-21-17 Griddle Steam Cover,

Good afternoon peeps! How r u guys doing I hope well! We are getting a little wind and rain in Thibodaux La from Tropical Depression Cindy My mom's name!! While the family watches tv and plays video games Brandon Comeaux 19 and Leon DrinkH2o 10 dad is in the work shop making something very cool! When ever we use our Cajun Hibachi or griddle cook top my wife always wants a lid for steaming. So I go inside and get an aluminum medium size salad bowl. It works good but how do you get it off of the cook top? the pic below shows one with a handle but is only good for the cook top! I made a magnetic thing to use on the griddle and one could still put salad in the bowl. please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!! Check this video out peeps!! CLICK HERE TO WATCH------

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